Prosthodontics -

  • Cracked tooth - We Fix!!

  • Missing teeth - We Fix!!

  • Damaged partial - We Fix!!

  • Discolored - We Fix!!

Do you know your Dentist?

Before you just let anyone in your mouth, know your stuff.

  • Ask for references

  • Check reviews

  • Interview them

Preventative Care 101

  • Brush (Twice a day minimum)

  • Floss (Between each tooth and gum line)

  • Regular Dentist Visits (Every 6 Months)


Tell the Kids to relax!!

Everyone in our office has kids, so we understand the worry and concern felt by parents.  We explain all aspects to the youngsters so they know exactly whats happening. And what kid does not like the "Treasure Chest" .......but you have to earn that prize!! 

Welcome To Arts & Crafts

We provide the highest quality dentistry designed to help you keep your teeth your whole life. We are a family dentistry practice that enjoys treating children. Our goal is for children to always have a great time visiting the dentist. 

Our practice has been in the Highlands since 1964, begun by Dr. Young's grandfather, Dr. Richard Young, DMD, who passed away in the early 1990s.  Dr. Bridget Young revived the practice in 2001, and Dr. Linehan joined the practice in 2004. Dr. Young and Dr. Linehan have a combined 39 years of experience in dentistry. Dr Young and Dr Linehan were married in 2004.  Elaine, their first daughter, was born in 2005 and Madeleine was born in 2007.

We go to great lengths to make sure that you understand the dentistry you need so you can make an informed choice about your treatment.  We also go to great lengths to ensure your visits are as comfortable as possible.  You will certainly enjoy the courtesy and respect you receive from the doctors and staff here at Arts & Crafts Dental.

As the mural painted on the Wine Market across from our practice states: “The HIGHLANDS -- Weird, Independent & Proud” and we are very happy to serve our eclectic, strong community here in the Highlands.